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Behavioral Health Services

HCF Management, Inc. specializes in behavioral health services for adults requiring assistance with managing various neurological conditions, disorders and associated behaviors.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals is dedicated to each patient’s unique mental health and care needs. We provide respectful, effective psychiatric care in a safe and secure environment with specially trained staff. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life and promote independence with each patient through personalized care and support.

A Look into our Program

Group therapy sessions are offered in the care community once a week by Lutheran Social Services. Often, people experiencing mental health difficulties feel as though they are alone. Group therapy can help an individual realize they are not alone by listening to others and receiving encouragement from members in the group.

Individual counseling sessions are also available once a week through Lutheran Social Services. One-on-one sessions are typically an hour long; tailored to fit the individual’s unique needs. During this time, the counselor is able to teach the patient about their specific illness and provide coping and daily living skills to help with personal growth.

Psychiatric services are provided by our dedicated, skilled psychiatrists. Our experienced psychiatrists evaluate each patient’s unique psychological needs to develop a personalized care plan with our staff, ensuring optimal treatment and therapeutic strategies.

Structured day programming is an important part of our specialized service that is designed to create a stable environment. While individualized care is still provided through our Person-Centered Care program, consistency remains key in the preferences identified with each patient.

The facility utilizes positive behavioral interventions through a reward system that promotes patients participating in activities, groups, and daily living skills. These interventions are designed to encourage patients to develop routines that will promote a successful re-entry into a community setting.

Money management services are coordinated through facility staff and occupational therapists. Plans are developed to encourage fiscal responsibility and understanding.

Community outings are scheduled through our activity department and feature a wide variety of events. Examples of these special outings include fishing, bowling, picnics, concerts in the park and many more exciting adventures!