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COVID-19 Information

The safety of your loved one is our top concern and priority.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and the privilege of taking care of your loved one. Please know that we are staying updated about COVID-19 by working directly with our local and state health departments, the CDC, CMS, and our Medical Director. Our Infection Preventionist is working with the local Department of Health and monitoring all residents for signs and symptoms of respiratory infection. We want to assure you that our care community has well established infection control protocols and our staff members continue to follow the CDC’s recommendations to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. These include strict handwashing procedures, wearing facemasks, and when interacting with residents who are sick wearing facemasks, eye shields, gowns, and gloves.

We continue to have supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) and have contingency plans in place. To minimize the risk of our residents becoming ill with COVID-19, we have immense precautionary measurements in place such as only essential staff reporting to work, daily COVID-19 screening of all staff and all residents, following CDC guidelines on the proper use of personal protective equipment, reinforcement of hygiene protocols to ensure clean hands, isolation of residents to their rooms and have restrictions on visitors and vendors, among many other components.

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Visiting Restrictions

Nursing Homes & Short-Term Rehab

On Monday, July 20th skilled nursing facilities were given permission to assist family members with scheduled outdoor visits. Specific safety guidelines must be followed during the visits. Please understand the criteria for skilled nursing centers to allow outdoor visitation has very strict elements that must be met at all times, some are out of our control. If there comes a time where we cannot meet all of these requirements, we may have to prohibit outdoor visits for a period of time. If that should happen, we will contact family members directly.

Thank you for all your understanding and patience as we navigate this time together and ensure the safety of our residents. We are excited to see everyone, outdoor visits must be scheduled, please contact the care community your family member resides at to inquire if outdoor visits are taking place and to reserve your date and time.

Assisted Living Facilities

Outdoor Visits – On Monday, June 8, 2020 Assisted Living Facilities were given permission to allow outdoor visits. Specific safety guidelines must be followed during the visits. Please contact the Assisted Living Facility your loved one resides at for more information and to schedule an outdoor visit. Indoor visits are still prohibited at this time.

How to connect with your loved one

We believe that connecting with family members is vitally important to our residents. Other ways to connect while your loved one is in or care includes telephone, email, text, or through Skype or Facebook. We can also help arrange window visits or deliver Smile Mail by contacting

Window Visits

Window Visits

Window visits are a great way to keep in touch with your loved one while our doors are still closed to visitors. If you need assistance finding your loved one’s window, or if we can bring them to a common area window, please call us and we will be glad to help.

To keep your loved one safe during a window visit, please don’t:

  • Open the window to touch, hug, or give a gift
  • Take the screen of the window out

Remember, if other families are visiting their loved one, please social distance yourself at least 6 feet away.

Smile Mail

Instead of mail, send us virtual mail. Residents would love to see you through “Smile Mail.” Send us pictures, share a message to your loved one, cards, or anything to brighten the resident’s day! Email your “Smile Mail” to Please include the facility name and the name of the resident you would like to share your mail to. If you don’t have a loved one at our care community and just want to spread joy, please indicate it is for all residents and the facility name.

Care Packages

Care Packages

We are still allowing residents to receive care packages or deliveries from families. If you are bringing items, please call ahead and ensure we are still accepting items and where to leave them. We will not directly have contact with you to receive them. We will likely ask you to leave it between the two doors at the front entrance. Please ensure it is marked with the resident’s name.

To protect the resident and staff, please consider sending them in the following manner:

  • Food, we prefer prepackaged items, in small quantities that can easily be stored in their room.
  • If you make homemade food it must be single-serve items in a disposable dish clearly labeled.
  • We will not store resident food in a communal fridge. If you are sending more than one serving, the resident must have their own refrigerator.
  • Flowers or plants must be in a container that will not leak and staff can carry without touching the plant.
  • Activities that the resident can do in their room-Puzzle books, photo albums, music, etc.
  • Personal care items that the resident prefers such as lotions, tissues, or bathing products.

Also, we may ask you to do resident shopping if your loved one needs items and our staff are unable to get out to do the shopping. Please talk to the staff about any concerns you may have. If you have questions or concerns please reach out to the Administrator, Director of Nursing or Resident Services Coordinator.

How can you help?

PPE Donations

The nation is facing a critical shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). As long-term care providers, we are also in need of this equipment to safeguard our residents and employees. If your business has an inventory of PPE and would like to make a donation, please contact the care community or our designated donation line at (419) 999-2010. Specific PPE supplies include, N95 masks, surgical masks, face shields, gowns, goggles, and gloves. Thank you for helping us to protect our healthcare heroes and the residents we serve.

Homemade Mask Donations

Please consider helping us as we prepare to safely respond to the COVID-19 crisis. We are accepting donations of fabric face masks to help fill the gap of the nation’s shortage of protective gear (PPE). All hand-sewn masks will be properly laundered and prepared prior to any use. We are accepting many different varieties, we just request masks have pleats to expand and cover the nose, mouth and chin area. Please contact the care community to arrange the delivery of donations, or contact us at our designated donation line at (419) 999-2010.

Resident and Staff Donations

Many businesses and family members have inquired about how to treat our staff and/or residents to lunch and other treats. If you would like to make this type of donation, please contact the care community directly and ask to speak to the Administrator or Resident Services Coordinator. Thank you for thinking of our heroes during this time.

Care Community Updates

As a family member of a loved one in our care, if we have updates or find that we have a confirmed positive COVID-19 case within the care community, we will call you. Our goal is always to be upfront and keep you informed. There is a great deal of fear from the public in the pandemic situation we are in, which could lead to false information being shared on different platforms such as social media. We want to assure you that you will hear directly from us if there is important information we need to let you know about. From the HCF Family to yours, thank you for your trust and support.

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